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Confidentiality statement on fax cover sheet

A HIPAA cover-page must have a disclaimer that identifies that the content of the fax is ePHI and provide instructions on what to do if received unintentionally . While many consumers have done away with faxing items, it’s still very common for businesses to use faxes. This is because faxes ensure a higher level of security than other forms of digital information exchange, like email. Most faxes shou. Facsimile Cover Sheet Disclaimers · That the information is privileged or confidential; · That it is intended for use only by the addressee; · That use of the . An Example of a HIPAA Fax disclaimer:. IMPORTANT: This facsimile transmission contains confidential information, some or all of which may be protected health . The fax cover sheet is faxed to the person who’s getting your facsimile document before the actual document is faxed. While a fax cover sheet is optional, the information on the cover sheet tells them who you are, who the fax is for and how.

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